About Nancy...

“Nature and art, are my simulus and motivation for what I create and who I am today” As an artist, Nancy Tschetner draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the power of art. For over two decades, she has developed a distinctive style that relies on the use of natural materials to create three-dimensional depth and texture. Using the pure and natural shades of sand as her primary medium, Nancy meticulously paints with adhesive to create images that capture the unique attributes of a special being or the fleeting magic of a cherished memory.

With over 150 different shades and structures of sand, each grain becomes part of a larger image that represents the strength and vision that can be achieved when we come together. Nancy's pieces often incorporate mixed media, such as crushed glass and gold leaf, to highlight certain details and colors not available through sand alone. Her main subject matter is nature, which she approaches by "creating nature with nature."

Nancy Tschetner's passion for nature and art is evident in her creative process and the meaning behind her work. She not only creates visually stunning pieces but also aims to inspire others to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around us.

'For me, creating something beautiful isn't enough, I believe that true art is about creating connections. So I create pieces that help people transform their relationships with nature, themselves and even their own memories. My work exists to help people who are looking for pieces of art that come to life, both through its story and through its medium.

It's impossible to appreciate art in a hurry. So by its very existence, my art invites us to reflect on our own memories and experiences and encourages us to cultivate mindfulness in our daily lives.

Even though every piece of work is unique and beautiful, what I see myself ultimately doing is helping people create a reason to pause, reflect and remember.

So every day when I begin my work, I do so with the intention to remind people to slow down and remember what’s really important in life.

I see my work as a small but significant part of the healing process that takes place when we reconnect with ourselves, with nature and with each other.'

Art is a powerful language and vehicle for delivering messages.

Overall, Nancy's art serves as a powerful tool for fostering connections and promoting healing, making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Nancy's Works...