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Silver Surfer - Unframed 75CM X 100CM

Silver Surfer - Unframed 75CM X 100CM

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Discover the captivating allure of our 'Art Above Originals Collection,' an ensemble of exquisite artworks that breathe life into any space. Each masterpiece is meticulously hand-painted by the internationally esteemed Naka Contemporary Artists Collective.

From Abstracts to Animals, Neon to Pop Culture, and Kiwiana, this curated collection showcases the finest international talents, offering a diverse range of art styles and mediums that ignite the imagination and evoke emotions.

As Christchurch's newest locally owned Art Gallery, we take immense pride in presenting these high-quality originals that breathe life into Kiwi homes. Each artwork is a celebration of creativity and skill, destined to add a touch of brilliance to your surroundings.

Choose from a selection of framed or unframed canvases, perfectly tailored to suit your style and space. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a first-time buyer, our 'Art Above Originals Collection' offers something special for every discerning art lover.

Step into our Christchurch galleries to immerse yourself in this artistic wonderland, or explore our online gallery from the comfort of your home. Elevate your surroundings with the splendor of our hand-painted originals, and embrace the global essence of artistry that these international talents bring to your life.
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