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Fire Front

Fire Front

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John's most notable experience was winning a national competition at the age of 13 and being presented with a prize or 50 pounds which was a lot of money in 1961.

His aspiration wehen leaving Nelson College was to attend Fine Arts school but got talked out of it and went to university and attained a science degree in Botany instead.

He currently paints watercolours in a variety of topics including birds, landscapes, portraits and indeed any topic that catches his attention and he considers worthy of painting.

Lately, his latest passion is in abstract works using acrylics in a very unorthodox fashion using a variety of techniques, producing striking results in both colour and texture. A process of painting he refers to as 'technoart'. The variety of ageing techniques of acrylic pouring including swiping collages and combining them with sculpturing provides his paintings with a degree of uniqueness that gives them the elusive 'WOW' factor.
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